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💄 How to use Microsoft Fluent UI Icons on your website?

💄 How to use Microsoft Fluent UI Icons on your website?

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👋 Hey Developers!

I really love the icons used and provided by Microsoft in their products. And I always wish to use them in my projects. But it is pretty hard to find a way to use them. This post will help you to use them in your project!

It is pretty easy to set this up on both static and React apps.

🌐 Setting up on a static site

If you want to use it in your static site, you can include Fabric UI Core's CDN in your <head> like this 👇.


And once you have added that, it's as easy as doing this 👇.

<i class="ms-Icon ms-Icon--Mail" aria-hidden="true"></i>


You can refer this site and use any icon you want. Just copy the name and paste it in the place of Mail.


<i class="ms-Icon ms-Icon--Settings" aria-hidden="true"></i>


⚛ Setting up in a React App

There are 2 ways you can achieve this. 1st one is to include the CDN in the <head> tag in public/index.html and then use the <i> tag as we did in the static type. But I recommend the 2nd way which is better.

Install the @fluentui/react-icons package in your app using npm or yarn as per your preference.

npm i @fluentui/react-icons
## OR
yarn add @fluentui/react-icons

Once you do that you can easily import the icon components and use them in your app just like this one 👇

import { MailIcon, SettingsIcon } from '@fluentui/react-icons';

function App() {
  return (
      <MailIcon /> { /* Without any element */ }
        <SettingsIcon /> { /* Within any element */ }

export default App;

As I said you can refer this site and copy the icon name and just append Icon after it.

Example: MailIcon, FeedbackIcon, etc.

I hope this post helped you achieve your goal. Please give it a like 💙 if you liked it. And share it if you want. Learn more about Fluent UI

Good luck 👍 and thanks for reading!

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